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Welcome, please read through the outdoor pool welcome details in preparation for our up-and-coming swim programmes.

Opoutere School

17th - 21st Jan 2022 from 9 am - 12noon


9am - 9.30am Level 5 & 6

SWC882191 Micah

SWC882193 Hugh

SWC8822118 Owen

* space available 

* space available 


9.30 - 10am Level 3

SWC882140 Trinity

SWC882155 Luke

SWC882192 Hadley

SWC882192 Cooper

SWC882193 Sylvie

SWC8822115 Mason

SWC8822123 Moana 


10 – 10.30am Parents and Bubs 3.5-5 years

SWC882155 Adam

SWC882192 Emily

SWC882170 Thomas

SWC882184 Fox

SWC8822123 Mahana


10.30 – 11am Level 2

SWC882154 Hamish

SWC882156 Kaden

SWC882192 Adelaide

SWC882164 Konan

SWC882164 Chasin

SWC8822126 Sienna


11 – 11.30am Parents and Bubs 2 – 3.5years

SWC882154 Logan

SWC882182 George

SWC882195 Bonnie

SWC8822127 Ashley

SWC8822132 Kennedi


11.30 – 12noon Level 2

SWC882183 Fern

SWC882151 Isla

SWC882191 Aven

SWC882184 Rylee

SWC882187 Tawhiti

SWC8822121 Carmela

Whenuakite School

17th - 21st Jan 2022 from 1.30-4.30pm


1.30pm – 2pm Level 1

SWC882172 Jaxon

SWC882171 Oscar

SWC882190 Jake

SWC8821101 Laura

* Space available 


2.00 – 2.30pm Parents and Bubs 2-3.5

SWC882185 Oli

SWC882172 Ethan

SWC882176 Fletcher

SWC882180 Jack

SWC882175 Sadie

SWC8822120 Tanner

* space available 


2.30 – 3.00pm Level 2

SWC882152 Indi

SWC882175 Sienna

SWC882185 Lacey

SWC882177 Indie

SWC882176 Pippa

SWC8821106 Fleur


3.00 – 3.30pm Parents and Bubs 3.5 – 5

SWC882152 Thea

SWC882152 Chase

SWC8822116 Harlow

SWC882189 Jake

SWC882169 Emme

SWC882188 Acacia-Anna

* space available 


3.30 – Parents and Bubs 2 – 3.5

SWC8822116 Soli

SWC882189 Freddie

SWC882169 Tulsi

SWC882197 Molly

SWC8821104 Eli

* space available 


4.00 – 4.30pm Level 2

SWC882181 Raala

SWC882194 Amelie

SWC882196 Seth

SWC882196 Israel

SWC8822119 Hannah 

SWC8822125 Rose


4.30 – 5pm Level 3

SWC882150 Cale

SWC882179 Ruby

SWC882150 Dylan

SWC882150 Brad

SWC882179 Pippa

SWC8822125 Gabriel


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