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Kia Ora
Welcome to swimming lessons

Please be on time to ensure lessons run smoothly for all involved. This includes being changed and ready to get in.


We are going to be in an outdoor environment so please ensure you have the appropriate attire.

This would include hats, sunblock and plenty of water. Wetsuits are a good idea and very welcome!

Children over 5 are required to wear a swimming cap, googles are optional. Goggles have been sponsored and are avaliable to trial during the lessons, they can be purcahsed from Torpedo 7 - see Goggles and caps under the Parents menu.

Please note - children under the age of 5 require a parent or caregiver to be in the pool to share the experience. 

Full payment must be made before the lessons commence on the first day. Payment information can be found
Payments can be made in cash however this must also be made on the first day of lessons.

Check out how the Swim with Chloe programme will operate under Covid Information.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Many thanks

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