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School Curriculium Programme ~ we come to you!

Supporting schools with pools in Aotearoa

As we all know, it is imperative that children in New Zealand learn to swim. Swim with Chloe is a dedicated, professional team of swim teachers able to provide lessons for children of all ages. A mobile swim business we travel to provide opportunity for children to be able to learn to swim. 

We believe being able to swim is one of the most important life skills we can support our children with.

"Every Kiwi Kid deserves the opportunity to learn to swim so they can enjoy, thrive and survive in our waters"

Chloe has some almost 20 years experience working with children and teaching swimming, completing the following qualifications;

  • Lotto Swim Safe Certification - 2003
  • Workshop component of the Swimming NZ Swim Teacher Award - 2013
  • Workshop component of the Swimming NZ ECE Swim Teacher Award - 2013
  • Workplace first aid 2021
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education – 2021
  • Bronze lifesaving medallion
  • Full police vett
  • Fully Covid 19 vacinated

    The Learn to Swim with Chloe swimming services are run by dedicated instructors. 

This programme is an interactive swimming programme that incorporates 'Swim to survive' as the underlying theme to all swimming lessons. The program provides a personal and quality experience.  Building confidence in the water and developing solid fundamental skills is the goal. Passion and dedication are amongst our strengths.

Swimming lessons are run in a block week format where the children consolidate their learning over 5 consecutive day, proving to be 70% more effective.

The aim of the programme is to lift the quality of children's swimming abilities, guide and support teaching staff and see effective teaching of swimming in schools. Swim with Chloe is committed to providing you with ongoing guidance and support.

We will work with you to come up with a plan that will best suit your school time table, requirements and numbers of children, teachers, class size and design each programs to custom fit your school current swim knowledge.

"Get on board now to secure an effective swim program that will benefit your school children, families, staff and the community." 

Swim with Chloe is currently teaching swimming as far and wide as the Coromandel Peninsular to the Chatham Islands. 

Please contact me with any further questions. I am open to working in and with your community to make exciting swimming experiences happen in 2021 and in future. 

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