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This page will be useful when filling out the booking form to know what Level to select to match your child's current abilities.

Please choose the level which most accurately describes your child’s current swimming experience.

This information is important to help me place children in the correct classes.


Preschool (ages 18 months - 3.5 years)

  • All children beginning on their swimming journey.
    It would be helpful to add additonal comments when booking to indicate what experience your child has had in the water to date, please feel free to add anything else you might want to let the teacher know about your child or yourself. 

Preschool (ages 3.5 – 5 years) - Non-confident 

  • Children who are perhaps feeling a little nervous in or around the water. Perhaps not feeling confident with kicking and splashing and have not yet attempted to submerge.

Preschool (ages 3.5 – 5 years) - Confident

  • Confident children who love being in the water and are happy being held, kicking, splashing and able to partially or fully submerge

School Age 5+ - children who have started school

Level 1

  • Not confident in the water and a complete beginner, not submerging

Level 2

  • Can walk across the width of the pool
  • Submerging with head under the water blowing bubbles
  • Attempting to float front and back (aided)
  • Attempting to kick front and back with a board (aided)
  • Attempting to do freestyle and backstroke arm actions (aided)

Level 3

  • Confidently run & dolphin dive across the width of the pool
  • Confidently submerging to the bottom of the pool and can pick up objects from the bottom
  • Streamlined
  • Floating on back unassisted
  • Able to do freestyle (attempting to breath)
  • Backstroke widths comfortably with correct kick
  • Attempting diving

Level 4

  • Confidently dolphin dive a length of the pool
  • Streamlined
  • Can confidently swim 1 length of freestyle with breathing
  • Can do 1 length of backstroke
  • Attempting breaststroke kick aided
  • Attempting standing dives

Level 5

  • Confidently dolphin diving lengths
  • Streamlined
  • Can swim lengths completing freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke but still needing help with finishing off technique
  • Have an understanding of tumble turns
  • Diving but may need help

Level 6

  • Capable of swimming multiple lengths sustained for half an hour lesson period
  • Streamlined
  • Can compete freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke but needing fine tuning
  • Attempting butterfly
  • Can tumble turn
  • Able to do standing dives
  • Confident in deep water

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