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Swim with Chloe was originally set up with the intention of coming in and teaching children to swim.

It has now become a holistic programme where we aim to provide support to improve and run, not only a swimming programme, but recreate a pool facility that is manageable, useable and sustainable long term.

To do this SWC has partnered up with David from Heat Pump Pool Solutions (HPPS).

David is passionate and dedicated to improving school pools and removing barriers to see our children are given the opportunity to learn to swim.  David has worked with school for many years and has knowledge and the experience to be able to help streamline your systems and supply you with smart and innovative ways to meet regulations and standards.  David is able to providing school pool heaters, pools covers, automated water monitors and water treatment monitors. He can provide your school with a range of products and will be able to provide a package deal custom to your needs and stands behind his products striving for customer satisfaction.


 Get in touch with David today - 0800 280 840

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