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Set out below are the terms and conditions including your rights as parents, guardians, and the rights of the child/ren in your care. It is recommended you read them carefully.

Upon signing up to be part of swimming lessons with Swim with Chloe swimming lessons you are agreeing to abide by and follow terms and conditions set out.

Risk of injuries and release of liability

Please be aware that, while participating in swimming lessons, you and your child/children may be exposed to certain risks

By signing up to participate in the Swim with Chloe block week swim lessons and completing the permission form means that on every occasion you and your child/children arrive for your Swim School lessons you acknowledge and accept our warning of risk as set out and that you or child/children in your care are subject to risk of possible injury.

Limitation of liability: In no event shall either party be liable to the other for any consequential or indirect losses.


You must tell the kaiako (teacher) at Swim with Chloe about anything that affects you or could affect you or the child/ren in your care that may affect participation, such as your health.

While participating in Swim with Chloe block weeks you agree;

  1. That you know of no medical or other reason why you or the participant(s) cannot take part;
  2. That participating in the Swim School will not damage you or the participant(s) health, safety, comfort or physical condition; and,
  3. That you or the participant(s) will use your best efforts to participate in a way that ensures not only your/ their safety but also the safety of others.

You agree that you or the child/children in your care will not use the facilities if suffering from:

  1. an infection of any sort or kind, or
  2. an illness of any sort or kind, which may be contagious and put other members at risk; or
  3. a physical complaint which may put other members at risk, such as (by way of example only) an open cut or other similar wound, or
  4. where there is any other risk, however small, to other members.

Classes, Fees and Cancelations

Included within your booking fee is a non-refundable booking and admin fee of $20.

Swim with Chloe operates on a week block course basis. Once a time has been secured/allocated this will remain the same throughout the week.

Swim with Chloe requires full payment when you make your booking.

Children are not placed into a class until the $20 booking fee or full payment has been received. There are no holding spaces. No payment means no space will be booked.

The payment (excluding the booking fee) is only refundable if the full week of lessons are cancelled by Swim with Chloe, who has the right to do so, under any reasonable circumstances. 

Superseding the above clause; Swim with Chloe has the right to change or cancel lessons at any time with reasonable notice which may happen from time to time. Some changes/cancelations maybe inevitable such as extreme weather events or for health and safety reasons and do not result in a refund.

Should you wish to cancel your lessons and recieve a refund this must be done in writing no less than 5 days before lessons begin and the refund will exclude the booking and admin fee. Any changes and cancelltions to bookings after this time frame no refund will be given.

Swim with Chloe is unable to grant refunds if your child is sick. Missed lessons cannot be credited or made up. The exception being a child's severe medical circumstances, which must be considered and approved by the Swim with Chloe manager and may require a medical certificate. 

Swim with Chloe maintains the rights to be able to alter times and restructure classes should there be the absolute need to. The restructure will be advised and times changed under special circumstances only. The restructure will not be able to result in refunds, make up or cancelation.

Verbal differences between a client and Swim with Chloe staff will only be held accountable if evident in writing.

Payment of Fees

You are responsible for paying your fees. Prices and banking deposit information can be found on the Swim with Chloe website, in your welcome information and at any time by way of written requested.

Fees are due upon booking and by no later than the first day of lessons (should your payment choice be cash). Failure to pay can result in exclusion from the remainder of the lessons without delay and Swim with Chloe has the right to cease the swimming access until all outstanding fees are settled. This does not give rise to a refund of any type.

Changes to Fees

Swim with Chloe maintains the right to change the fees for the block lessons at any stage and at any time before the lessons commence.

Fees currently exclude GST


Your privacy is important to us.  Swim with Chloe reserves the right to collect personal information from you for enrolment purposes. This information collect will then be used to assist in providing swim school services. Your private details will be held on record to deal with, use and disclose as deemed proper and necessary for the purpose it was collected for.

Bookings are made via website, email and Facebook.

Please do not send screen shots and bank details through these channels.

Please ensure you provide your name and an emergency contact number to Swim with Chloe admin upon booking.


Please take care of your personal property as you are responsible for any personal property. This includes your vehicle or any personal property that you bring with you onto the nominated premises. Any personal property that you or child/ren bring is brough with you at your own risk.


Swim with Chloe accepts no responsibility or refund should you be refused entry into the swimming pool facilities where lessons are being held, by the nominated facilities staff for any reason.

Damages to equipment and facilities

You and the child/ren in your care must use nominated facilities and any swim equipment correctly according to their proper use.

If you or the child/children in your care are unsure of how to operate any item of equipment, please speak to a Swim with Chloe representative before you use it.

Swim with Chloe has the right to ask you to reimburse, in order to replace, any damage to Swim with Chloe equipment caused by you or child/ren in your care through a deliberate act or failure to act, or negligence while at the pool before, during or after your lesson time. 

Swim with Chloe accepts no responsibility or liability for damage that maybe caused to the nominated pool equipment and facilities where the swimming lessons are being held if caused by you or your child/ren in your care. The issue will then be between yourself, your child/ren and the pool/complex.

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